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Today Enjoying my life, being comfortable in my skin, enjoying time with my kids, and no longer feeling inferior or different. The significant difference for me was the entirety of the coaching.... read more - Raj-

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"We've barely scratched the surface and yet what you bring to the table is more than I've ever experienced before. The frequency integration work has not only helped me with the abuse issues." Bjorn V.

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" It's great being in a place where there are no taboo subjects. .... I realized I cleaned up my story as I disclosed to protect my abuser. No more! No longer! - Ashlan -

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Get Results like these guys

Traveling to your area

This investment is actually producing results already that I want. Bro, this is freakin awesome and my wife agrees. Who knows what the next 9 months will produce."


"Thank you so much for your flexibility and traveling to my location for the intense sessions. Totally worth the investment. Even my confidence, decision-making and strategic thinking have improved


With Thomas coaching along the way and the ability to interact and ask questions, share insights, it's totally better for me than just talk therapy. I'm moving with more confidence and establishing boundaries already.


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We all need support

""The best complete healing takes place in community not isolation. In community we learn and experience building safe healthy boundaries. If you deny yourself that experience you have denied a crucial part of your healing journey.

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Build a safe network

Learn safe healthy boundaries

Be around others with similar experiences

Join a support group via the

"Breaking My Abuse Code" program

"" I enjoyed the virtual support meetings as part of the "Breaking My Abuse " online course. It enriched and built my male survivor network. When I attended the in-peron workshops, I already knew some of the guys. We connected even more

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Various Online & In-Person Workshops

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removing F.e.a.r Factor


Coaching workshop issues

  • Getting to know other survivors
  • Charting your healing journey
  • H.O.W to work through issues
  • 6 Needs for every survivor to become a thriver
  • Reasons why men don't talk about sexual abuse
  • Fear Factor: How to face your abuse
  • The Voice of emotions
  • Dealing with guilt, shame, and humiliation
  • Making impactful disclosures
  • Masculinity: Sexual arousal doesn’t mean what you think
  • Sabotaging: How does the abuse affect me today
  • Self-medicating: My Drug of choice
  • Topics from the group
  • Goal-setting to thrive: staying the course

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